Training Courses

This page is where you will find any current training courses now offered online for your convenience and reference. Unlike a single workshop or presentation, the courses can be revisited as often as you like. You will have access to registered courses for a full year.

We’ve Moved!

CallyRae has opened the Living WOW Center in 2022 and has moved all trainings over to that location. Please find options of programs, courses, and services in our new location.


90 Day New Year

A new year is a time of new beginnings and accompanying resolutions. Unfortunately, it’s also commonly short-lived and most people have returned to autopilot habits by the end of January. Intentions are good but fall flat because they lack the foundation to successfully build change on. Not this year! We are laying a foundation for change to make sure it sticks and that this is the year you finally thrive. Starting early to support little choices and changes through the holidays to gain wins and momentum. Hitting our stride of confidence as we hit the peak of holiday stress mid-December through early January empowered with tools and habits. Coming into the home stretch with more than wishes and motivation, we have a solid foundation to continue to build on and habits that have taken us out of surviving.

Living WOW 30 Day Challenge

Structured as a 30 Day Challenge this course will give you the jumpstart into the Living WOW lifestyle with a foundation to build on. You will learn the structure and access the tools to create the awareness and support to make intentional choices that promote stepping out of the SAD lifestyle and embracing WOW.

Change Your Story

Change Your Story presentation teaches foundational principles that were learned throughout the transformation from frustration, pain, sick, tired, hopeless, and surviving to happy, vital, healthy, energetic, hopeful, and thriving.
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