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Choose the course that meets your needs at a time convenient to you. This is a great option if you have trouble getting to a webinar because of your schedule. Also, a great option if you want to go back and use it as a resource. Once you are in a course you have access to it for a year.

90 Day New Year

November 15-February 15

Come in at any time but today is your day! The earlier you get started the more support and momentum you can tap into for the new habits to stick. Start thriving TODAY.

A new year is a time of new beginnings and accompanying resolutions. Unfortunately, it's also commonly short-lived and most people have returned to autopilot habits by the end of January. Intentions are good but fall flat because they lack the foundation to successfully build change on.

Not this year! We are laying a foundation for change to make sure it sticks and that this is the year you finally thrive.

Starting early to support little choices and changes through the holidays to gain wins and momentum. Hitting our stride of confidence as we hit the peak of holiday stress mid-December through early January empowered with tools and habits. Coming into the home stretch with more than wishes and motivation, we have a solid foundation to continue to build on and habits that have taken us out of surviving.

We are not giving up because we are now Living WOW and have established a thriving lifestyle and it feels good on every level.

Change Your Story Presentation 

Now online! On demand! Local presentations and book signings have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID precautions.

Living WOW Metaphor Training

CallyRae uses a simple metaphor to teach the complex systems of the body and how to understand what your autoimmune diseases are telling you

Understanding 8 key systems in your body, what they do, and how you can adjust your lifestyle to address and maximize their efficiency is the framework of Living Wow and thriving with autoimmune diseases. Learn how to understand the body systems and create an environment that heals and thrives.

Shine On!

So what should be done with the joy that is found in transformation and thriving? I believe it should be shared like the brightest rays of sunshine to light the way for others who are surviving. Light always chases away the darkness and shows the way.

For me that darkness was autoimmune disease and the hopelessness and frustration that accompanied it. As I have found the joy in transformation, I am sharing with others to rise from the depths and shine brightly.

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