As I have been trying to get the time to write this blog for the past week, my approach has actually changed. I am a transformation coach and I’m all about embracing change because change = growth. You will NEVER experience growth without change. Transformation by definition implies a “new you” which was my original January mantra and approach #newyearnewyou.

Yes, my thought process behind it was sound. January gives you a new clean slate to build your transformation on and you can obtain that new you through the choices and habits you make and implement in the new year. However, as I have pondered how many restarts I have had ALREADY this year, I want to take a step back and look at the mindset of the new year, a new beginning.

I thought I was put back together and did a mini launch with the introduction of the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook on social media on January 1st, determined to at least get it out, because I had intended it to be several weeks earlier so that you could have the tool as you set up your new year goals and plans.

Shortly after completing the training, I was knocked down again. Typically it would have been no big deal, but coming off the trauma and experiences of the last few weeks I was triggered and again fighting anxiety and panic. Have you ever been there? You feel like you climbed back up again just in time to be hit with the next punch. Focus is lost. Hope is lost. Peace is lost. Productivity is lost. Creativity is lost.

Fortunately, I have a big ol’ tool kit of resources, strategies, and knowledge that I have been building over the past decade and boy have they been called into practice. I can tell you that they work! It took me a day or so to shake it off and it is taking me daily (almost hourly)  practice to stay in front of it, but as the saying goes, “it’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get up”. The focus is back. The hope is back. The peace is back. The productivity is back. The creativity is back.

The experiences of the past couple of weeks have reminded me that a “new you” is a process of continual choices and refinement, aka transformation, so I am choosing to focus on the new beginnings as I introduce you formally to the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook. The new beginnings is the HOW of the new you so it only makes sense to gift you the foundational tool I’ve developed and use every day to shape these lifestyle choices to be congruent with the best version of me I can come up with today.

Living WOW Lifestyle

A reminder may be in order for some of you as I still get asked regularly what Living WOW is and how to participate.

Living WOW is the lifestyle program that I developed as the antithesis of Living SAD. It was born out of a nutrition program based on eating a whole food, plant based diet. It follows closely the Word of Wisdom and other ancient and scriptural guidance of living as we were designed to live by our creator. In addition to the dietary recommendations and support for our physical bodies, Living WOW also addresses our energy and spiritual beings as well as our mental beings. Probably the most unique tenet of Living WOW is that it is individual to each person. The guidelines help you maximize your awareness of who you were born to be, not who the world has told you to be or become.

This individuality is the key to Living WOW, because we each were born with a purpose, but many of us (I would argue most of us) have lost sight of that in our SAD lifestyle of convenient, fast, cheap, fake, noisy, busy, easy society that we live in. The programming we are immersed in is instant gratification, disposable, superficial and toxic to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Did you know that more than 80% of disease in the US could be reversed or eliminated with lifestyle changes? I personally experienced this phenomenon when I reversed rheumatoid arthritis with nutrition, moving out the inflammation and pain with plant based whole foods. I then dug deeper into the healing of autoimmune diseases with lifestyle and found that having emotional and spiritual care was as important as physical care in eliminating lupus flares.

I wrote about these insights in my book 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me: From Surviving to Thriving with Autoimmune Diseases. The culmination of these insights and the promoting of the book led me to share my perspective and experiences with more and more people. A common comment I have received has been, “I don’t have autoimmune disease but your information is helpful for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and feel better.”

These comments reminded me that I had autoimmune diseases for 11 years before I received a diagnosis. I didn’t relate to the AI community, because I didn’t have a label. I did have chronic pain and deep fatigue, but that was my normal, so I didn’t really ever consider that to be a potential symptom of an autoimmune disease. Everyone I knew was tired and achy. It’s very SAD.  This realization helped me to reach out not only to the autoimmune community but also to the SAD community, because I was definitely a product of the SAD lifestyle.

But how do you go about reversing the effects of an entire culture? It feels pretty daunting. I believe it will happen one person, one family, and one community at a time. So from the RisetoShine.life community where I am committed to offering awareness, education, resources and tools to go from surviving to thriving my family has committed to offering an example of Living WOW Stonehouse Style on our YouTube vlog channel. Not because we are perfect and have it all figured out (ha! if you know us that is laughable), but because we are trying to show how simple choices can reduce SAD and increase WOW in your family.

That’s where the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook came to be. What kinds of choices? How do you set yourself up for WOW in a SAD world?

Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook

I decided to title it as a daily playbook because that felt the most descriptive. Similar to a diary or a journal this is a tool you will want to use every day, hence “daily”. Similar to a handbook or instructions this tool will increase your understanding and awareness, but because Living WOW is 100% individual it has to be specific to YOU, hence playbook.

The format of the Daily Playbook is based on book-ending your days with awareness and intention so that as you make choices throughout the day you are doing so true to your nature, not mindlessly because everybody’s doing it. It provides the structure to simply and quickly make simple changes that add up to big habits and ultimately big transformations to thriving. The Living WOW Daily Playbook has 30 days of empty pages for you to track your plays. As an eFile, you are welcome to print as many Playbooks as you need for your transformation journey, or integrate it digitally into your day if you prefer.

A morning Power Up routine consists of physical, mental, and spiritual focus. Writing down the resulting inspiration from that focus time and affirmation and intentions for the day ahead. This is powerful. My routine consists of 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of study. I call this my power hour and I have carved that time out and developed my routine over many years. You will likely need to do the same. Maybe you have littles at home and are lucky if you can get 2 minutes of breathing, a prayer, and listen to a podcast. That’s awesome! As long as you are intentional and get all 3 in at some capacity you will be stepping away from SAD and into WOW.

When we Power Down it is an opportunity to review, report and restore. Again, like our morning power hour, taking an hour to power down allows you to take inventory, find gratitude and again support the mind, spirit and body. This routine is just as important as your morning routine in that it helps reprogram the brain and energy as well as support a restorative nights sleep. (Lack of which is also epidemic in SAD). Spending 20 minutes on each area will land you in the perfect place to have the best night’s sleep you have ever had and to replicate it every day until it becomes your normal WOW.

Simple but powerful! The Daily Playbook has detailed rationale and instruction to help you utilize the tool best for your situation. Maybe you already have these routines and it will help you document it and be consistent. Maybe you are struggling and are only able to implement a portion, that’s ok, it’s about growth not perfection. Every day is a new beginning! What’s awesome is that now you have a tool to help you be intentional with that new beginning.  Another favorite quote that I’m not sure of the source, “We can’t change our yesterdays, but we can change our tomorrows, and it all starts with today.” The key is change and today. Without those two components your tomorrows will likely look very similar to your yesterdays.

Get Your Own Daily Playbook Today

I have compiled these power habits into a playbook to help you step out of the SAD lifestyle and into the WOW lifestyle more easily and quickly than I did. 25 years of behavior modification and neuro reprogramming as a speech language pathologist, 10 years of continuing education in nutrition and lifestyle, as well as my own life laboratory healing and reversing autoimmune diseases has led to this Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook to synthesize and apply powerful strategies every day.

To claim your copy of the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook just click here and join our RisetoShine.life community. There is no cost as it is my gift to you! It is my gift to you, but it is up to you to receive it, open it, and use it. I also have a training on the Living Wow Stonehouse Style YouTube Channel so that you can maximize the tool, for FREE!

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By being a part of our community of Rise to Shine and Living Wow you can join us whether in person or online. If you are in Idaho we would love to have you join us at our Healthy Living Revolution and Change Your Story events. You can find the calendar of events on the website! If you are somewhere else in the US we are planning to visit all 50 states this year and would love an excuse to meet you as we inspire healthy living across the nation. Contact us to schedule an event in your area! When you are online you can friend and follow the risetoshine blog, You Tube vlog channelFacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. Of course, I hope you will share this blog and resources with those you know who want to start thriving. I know there are way too many who are just surviving! Shine on!

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