Living WOW Guidelines

Live a WOW Life Not a SAD Life


The Living WOW Lifestyle Program is not a diet or set of dos and don’ts. Rather it is an interpretation of ancient guidelines and practices applied in our modern society to maximize our health and vitality. Guidelines and practices that have become necessary in our noisy, busy, never enough society.

How do I know it is necessary? Because I see illnesses that used to be only in adults now running rampant in young children. As a society we have created a health care crisis with a system burdened and unaffordable because we are misusing it. We live at a time when 95% of disease could be prevented with lifestyle changes. That is staggering to me and unacceptable that we are so entrenched in survival that most people will not step outside of their comfortable autopilot to make those lifestyle changes.

It is not hard. It is a choice. What is hard is losing a parent to heart disease when you are a child. What is hard is being confined to bed and having your children take care of you because you can not take care of yourself. What is hard is not being able to afford to leave your job that makes you sick because you need the health insurance to cover your medications that cost thousands of dollars a month. What is hard is not experiencing your “golden years” because you are trapped in a broken body after experiencing a stroke.

Each of these circumstances are common in our SAD society. I have seen them over and over in my 30 years in healthcare. I have personal experience with them! I am a product of the Standard American Diet (SAD) Lifestyle. But then I had a wake up call and a reality check. My life has never been the same and I’m never going back!

Over the past decade I have had the transformation that led to this inspired program. The information is not new, in fact much of it goes back anciently, even eternally. What is new is how to apply the tenets individually yet collectively. My purpose is to help you step out of a SAD life and step into WOW life knowing that all around us we are being constantly targeted and pummeled with SAD, everybody’s doing it.

If we can create a WOW culture, everybody’s doing it, can you imagine how inspired and healthy our world would be? (ahhhh, the angels are singing hallelujah) A culture where you are encouraged to be who you were born to be rather than who you are told to be. A culture where processed food is recognized as toxic just like cigarettes. A culture where we take time to compliment and receive compliments instead of hide our insecurities and inadequacies. A culture where being the star in your own story is more important than following the stars on a screen. What a wonderful world!

It’s possible! I’ve done it! Now I’m sharing it with you so that you can do it! I’ve curated the resources and tools to help you Live WOW and I’m committed to helping you every day, because it’s not a one and done thing. It’s more like a shield that you are using to defend against the enemy. If you put down the shield you may get taken out! Oh no! Please don’t let that happen.

My purpose is to get you enough information, support and experience that, like me, you can’t go back to SAD. It feels too good to feel good! The problem is that most of us have not felt vital or thriving in so long that we have forgotten, or worse, we don’t believe we can.

Nonsense! That’s SAD talk! If I can do it, you can do it. This program was inspired by a much more powerful source than I. My role is the messenger. To deliver God’s message to you…you matter and you must be your best you for that is what you were born to do.

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