Welcome to the Thriving with CallyRae Membership Portal. Here you will find access to Thriving with CallyRae 1:1 coaching as well as group coaching on-demand at your convenience. You are here in this coaching site because you are ready to step out of SAD and step into Living WOW! We are constantly bombarded by the SAD social norms and noise of our society. Here, on this site, is where you will find the resources curated for you that support an intentional thriving life. This is where you have permission to embrace who YOU were born to be rather than fitting into a mold or expectation of others. As you do this you will find the joy of the journey and the freedom to be you in all aspects of your life.

This membership site consists of 4 additional portals that will guide and support you in the deep dive exclusive with more individual resources for the Living WOW Lifestyle.

1-Living WOW Guidelines consists of the philosophy and guidelines that are the foundation of the Living WOW Lifestyle Program.

2-Daily Accountability consists of an online version of the Daily Playbook broken down in a format that allows you to check in and find your inspiration and motivation when you need extra coaching support. This is the page I encourage you to visit when you are really struggling. When SAD is taking over and you are running on autopilot or overdrive this is where you can find on demand support to get through the struggle and get back on course and intentionally driving your journey.

3-Weekly Challenge consists of a live coaching call that you can link into and participate which will then be posted for reference for those who aren’t able to attend at the time of the live call. Each week will have a different coaching message with a demonstration, tool or resource for you to implement and practice throughout the week. All of the resources and tools to support your new skill or habit will be found in the weeks archives. By archiving the Weekly Challenges you can adopt what is relevant to you at the time you need it. It also allows you to benefit from previous weekly challenges that you may have missed. These archives will grow and become more robust as the weeks go on. For our early adopters you’ll be in on the ground level from week one building!

4-Living WOW Recipe File consists of various recipes that are all whole food, plant based, and family approved. CallyRae was a great cook before she was a coach! She has taken her talents and modified family favorites, cook book go tos, and her own creations to support simple, healthy, delicious meals that are clean and whole. All put together in a simple resource page for you to go to whenever you need a quick meal solution. Fast food does not have to be junk food!

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