February is an important month for me because it is the anniversary of my brother’s premature death and a remembrance of my dad’s premature death from a heart attack. Heart health is something I had learned to not take for granted in my young life but it took me a little bit longer to make the connection to the rest of the story. Complete health.

If you know my story, you know that as I came into my 40th birthday, these 2 life defining events, paired with a series of others, were very impactful on me searching for some lifestyle changes. Although, at the time, I really had no idea. I was searching.

I couldn’t diet because if I lost 10 pounds, I would gain 20. I had serious health conditions that ran rampant in my family and they resulted in poor quality of life and frequent hospitalizations for some and premature death in others. I knew that that was my future, but I really didn’t know how to change it.

It was during this same time that I was introduced to powdered produce in capsules and experienced nutritional healing in my body. As I experienced that healing, it changed my life. It gave me my life back. The pain from rheumatoid arthritis was eliminated and I had energy again, so I was able to get into a healthy cycle of moving and eventually even regular exercise.

Before, I had chronic pain throughout my body so moving really wasn’t an option and I was overweight as a result. I was depressed as a result. Being able to get out of the negative health cycle and bridge into a positive health cycle was what it took to make those initial changes and reclaim my life. To start my journey to thriving.

What I have learned in my journey from surviving to thriving is that the only solution to our health care crisis in this country is personal responsibility.  We, as individuals, must make the lifestyle changes that it takes to be responsible for our health. We must understand and know the impact that our choices make in our bodies. We are the solution!

That’s all it is. A choice. We can choose to be healthy. We can choose to create healthy cells or we can choose to create sick cells. That’s easier said than done because we live in a society that is very toxic. When sick is normal it is harder to recognize.

Toxic is at every level. It’s toxic at our physical level, in our soils, in our food, in our water, in our air. We are overeating and undernourished. Our environments are also toxic emotionally. Anxiety and depression are rampant in our society. We are overstimulated and numbed by all of the distractions and technologies around us so that we have forgotten who we were born to be.

We only remember and know the survival cycle so we are not tuning in to our divinity and who we were born to be. Who we are as an individual, rather than who we are told to be by society or who we are being as a result of our social circles, our families, our culture, our programming.

We can make a change in this country with our health care crisis by owning and being responsible for the choices we make for what we choose to put in our mouths and what we choose to do with our time and how we choose to interact with our environment.

Our healthcare system was designed to care for acute illness and accidents. It was not designed for chronic disease brought about by our SAD lifestyles. I have been on the provider end of the healthcare system for the past 25 years and I can tell you that it is NOT the same system and the only ones benefiting from the changes are the insurance companies and the drug companies. We have amazing technologies and amazing doctors in our country but they are bound and gagged, held hostage to the “do more with less” crisis sabotaging the entire system.

The reality is that we are in chronic dis-ease living SAD because everyone is doing it. We are on a sinking ship and we are worried that if we step off onto a lifeboat that we may be weird. It might be hard to paddle away from the undercurrent of the sinking ship.

More than 80% of the disease in the United States could be eliminated by lifestyle changes but we either can’t, won’t or don’t make the changes. Our doctors don’t talk to us about it because quite frankly they don’t have time, and if they did, would you listen? Most patients won’t, so most doctors don’t.

Locking arms and being proud of our unique individuality and proud of our healthy choices instead of embarrassed by them or feeling obligated by them. Embracing and recognizing that it feels amazing to thrive and most of us have forgotten what that feels like because we have forgotten who we were born to be. What would it feel like to embrace living WOW rather than drowning with SAD? What would it feel like to live true to your creation and thrive in the body you’ve been given?

If we can remember that, then we truly GET the gift that we have been given. That is my message of LOVE this February as we appreciate heart health and appreciate that our heart is our physical sustenance of life and it is also our emotional sustenance of life. The answer is within us. It is in our heart. It is critical and it is the answer.

If you are where I was 10 years ago, I invite you to get on our Team WOW boat and step away from the sinking SAD that will take you down with it. I was a product of the SAD lifestyle. It was my normal just like it is your normal. There is a better way and it is in every single one of us. It is not too hard. It is not too expensive. It is not too different. It is simply a choice. A perpetual choice to be true to who you were born to be. Your body, your mind, and your spirit are created to heal from the blows of this life if you create an environment that supports healing.  Join our health care bailout!

Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook

This is my foundation for the Living WOW Lifestyle Transformation Program and the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook . Tools that help you step out of the SAD life and into a WOW life day by day, choice by choice.

I have compiled these power habits into the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook to help you step out of the SAD lifestyle and into the WOW lifestyle more easily and quickly than I did. Twenty five years of behavior modification and neuro reprogramming as a speech language pathologist, 10 years of continuing education in nutrition and lifestyle, as well as my own life laboratory healing and reversing autoimmune diseases has led to this Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook to synthesize and apply powerful strategies every day.

To claim your copy of the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook just click here and join our RisetoShine.life community. There is no cost as it is my gift to you! It is my gift to you, but it is up to you to receive it, open it, and use it. I also have a training on the Living Wow Stonehouse Style YouTube Channel so that you can maximize the tool, for FREE!

By being a part of our community of Rise to Shine and Living Wow you can join us whether in person or online. If you are in Idaho we would love to have you join us at our Healthy Living Revolution and Change Your Story events. You can find the calendar of events on the website! If you are somewhere else in the US, we are planning to visit all 50 states this year and would love an excuse to meet you as we inspire healthy living across the nation. Contact us to schedule an event in your area! When you are online you can friend and follow the RisetoShine blog, You Tube vlog channelFacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. Please share this blog and resources with those you know who want to start thriving. I know there are way too many who are just surviving! Shine on!

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