May started off with a bang! The Pacific Northwest Book Tour was a total blast getting to share Change Your Story to new communities and make new friends on the road. I never would have dreamed 10 years ago that this is how I would celebrate my 50th birthday. On the road as an author and speaker sharing inspiration, information and tools to help people move from living SAD on autopilot and surviving to Living WOW on purpose and thriving!

PNW road trip

I can honestly say that my 40s were so much better than my 20s and 30s combined. This realization is surreal to me and gets me really excited about my 50s! My 40s were a decade of transformation, and I can’t wait to see how my 50s will be a decade of thriving as Living WOW becomes a branded lifestyle program that is duplicated by anyone who chooses to come on along and join me in thriving.

Throughout my life, my birthday and Mother’s day are usually about a week apart (give or take a few days either way depending on the year). This year was the magic 1 week Sunday to Sunday between my 50th birthday and Mother’s day. Queen week was perfectly situated. As I returned home from our PNW tour my husband posted on social media “All hail the Queen” to publicly wish me a happy birthday and recognize the start of what is known as Queen Week in our house.

queen week

Queen Week was created one year that I was particularly frustrated feeling slighted because I felt like either one or the other of the holidays was celebrated but not both. (I’m SURE this is what December birthdays must feel like being rolled into Christmas). I’m not a huge gift person. My love language is service so when I say I don’t want any stuff as a gift I really mean it. I want to DO something or I want PRESENCE not presents. Hence, queen week! I get to DO what I want to do and I want to be loved by being WITH those I love.

As I reflect on the relevance of this chain of events, it runs deeper. I go back to Lesson 3 “Who Was I Born To Be?” from my book 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me: From Surviving to Thriving With Autoimmune DiseasesRemembering that I am a child of God and that I was born with everything I need to fulfill my life’s mission. Remembering my divinity and my unique individuality that I was created to bring to this world. I really am royalty and I am enough.

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What breaks my heart is how few people truly recognize and understand this truth. I too had forgotten. I had become lost in the noise of the world and the “who you’re supposed to be” social norms. I see it every day as my daughter navigates adolescence and middle school. The place where the transformation from childhood innocence and faith becomes adolescent insecurity and fear. Judgment and expectation from all around us strips us of our eternal perspective and self worth. If they haven’t already, this is where the tracks in our mind start screaming at us that we aren’t tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, athletic enough…we aren’t ________________enough.

It takes some pretty powerful, intentional, and consistent counter play to quiet the lies in our minds. First, of course, you have to recognize the lies. You have to recognize the noise. You have to recognize the source. You can’t change something you are not aware of. If the lies are all you hear, you believe it to be normal. It is NOT normal. It is common but it is still lies.

born perfect

When I realized the disconnect between who I was born to be and who I had been told to be, I finally understood the physical manifestations of autoimmune disease, the body attacking itself. My body was trying to tell me what I was too busy to hear. I had to slow down to listen and remember. Then, and only then, could I begin the process of listening to my spirit and reprogramming my mind. This was the birth of Living WOW.

Yes, nutrition is super important and the realization that we can heal our bodies from the cellular level with food changed my life, but you MUST understand the complete picture, not just the physical picture to thrive.

So let me ask you if you celebrate your divinity? Do you have your own Queen Week? Maybe you don’t call it that, but do you take time to respect yourself and embrace your divine nature? Do you take time to continually learn new information and gain knowledge that is supportive of the best version of you? Do you surround yourself with people who love you and respect you? Do you allow people to compliment you and serve you or does that make you feel uncomfortable? Do you put yourself in places that are beautiful, bright, and inspiring?

queen crown

When I learned that we are making new cells in our bodies every single minute of every single day I realized how important the food I put into my body to fuel that production process is. I’m either making healthy cells or sick cells. I choose the cells my body makes based in large part on what I feed them.

When I learned that this process not only applies to the food I fuel my cells with but also the environment I provide for them, the picture became more clear and it became easier to make a supportive choice. This was when I recognized how toxic my SAD lifestyle was clear down to the cellular level. This was when I realized that if I was going to heal my body, I was going to have to be just as picky about what I allow into my mind and heart as I am with what I allow into my mouth.

It’s not easy. Honestly, it is a constant series of perpetual choices and ongoing awareness to choose me. I do not mean that in a selfish way. I find it very difficult to take care of myself first so that I can take care of others. My nature is to take care of everyone else and leave the leftovers, if any, for myself.

I constantly have to remind myself of the airline instruction we receive every time we board an aircraft. Before the plane leaves the ground we are instructed that in the event of an emergency an oxygen mask will drop from above. You are instructed to put that mask on yourself FIRST and then assist those around you. WHY? Because if you don’t you will die and you will not be able to help those around you. It is not selfish to put the oxygen on yourself first. It is NECESSARY.

oxygen mask

The same holds true in our every day life. I would argue that in order to avoid emergencies or at the very least handle the inevitable stressors that happen daily, you must put yourself first, get set, then share the best version of you with everyone around you. If you don’t, you will find yourself depleted, weak and unable to share what you don’t have.

This is why I developed the Living WOW Lifestyle Daily Playbook. It provides the structure and routine that allows us to form a daily habit of fueling our mind, spirit, and body so that we have the awareness to choose to say no to SAD. The Daily Playbook helps to set our focus to be intentional so that we are true to our goals and purpose not others agendas.

playbook fireplace

The Daily Playbook is not a journal, nor a planner, but rather a tool that sets the day with a Power Up routine and closes the day with a Power Down routine. A routine opportunity to put on the oxygen mask at the start of your day and then reflect and position for the next to set you up for the best you to be nourished on all levels.

If you are like me and you need to continually reprogram, consider adopting the Daily Playbook into your daily routine. I continue to be amazed at the difference it makes in my productivity, attitude and health when I take the time to nurture and fuel ME. That translates into much more to go around on all levels. When I’m depleted no one gets much of anything. Maybe you can relate.

My Queen Week is officially over until until next year, but I hope that you may find a nugget of truth that resonates within you, and you remember who you were born to be. I hope you can tap into your divinity and royal birth as a child of God. I hope that you will feel empowered to take time to develop your best self.


You were born with all of the talents, personality, and attributes necessary to fulfill your purpose in this life. It is your responsibility to identify that purpose and develop those super powers God gave you. If you don’t step into that purpose, it will go unfulfilled, because no one else can be you. It is not necessary to be what everyone else wants you to be. You can’t be. You are you. You are enough. Today and always…happy Queen Week!

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