Idea turned reality…

What was once an idea became a bucket list item which turned into another idea until finally it landed as the 50 in 50. What in the world is the 50 in 50? Well, if you have been following me for very long you probably know that my husband and I both turn 50 this year so we have decided to travel to all 50 states this year to celebrate the mid century landmark birthdays. We have dubbed the process of visiting all 50 states the year we turn 50 as our “50 in 50”.

There are a few things that are unique about this adventure and we are pretty excited about it. I think the first and most obvious is the timeline. Initially it was an idea to visit all 50 states in our lifetime. There are a couple of problems with that idea. First of all, what is our lifetime? Who’s to say when it’s up and what if it’s not been done? Second, we don’t always travel together so we may have different states we’ve been to and at different times. What counts as “visiting a state”? Does an airport connecting flight in Minneapolis mean I’ve been to Minnesota? We have different opinions and different experiences so we decided to tighten it up! 50 states the year we turn 50. A one year timeline is much more concrete than a lifelong timeline so it’s much more likely to get done.

However, a one year timeline also creates a bit of strategic challenge. Because we are not retired, nor are we empty nesters, nor are we independently wealthy we had to break it up into routes and trips and seasons that would work for our family, school, activity and work responsibilities. There would have to be sacrifices and massive amounts of planning (let’s just say some of us like that more than others…) The conclusion: In order to truly experience all 50 states we would have to drive, and it would be broken into 4 trips; northern states, southern states, pacific northwest with Alaska, and fly to Hawaii (well duh).

What would we drive? Where would we stay? Who would get to go? Who would hold down the fort(s)? All of these questions were asked and discussed and changed quite a few times.

Of course, like all good Americans, we thought an RV made the most sense and would be the most logical until we had one for a week and realized WE ARE NOT RV PEOPLE. It’s like having a house on wheels which means you need to be both a mechanic and a handyman of which we are neither! The learning curve on top of the travel just didn’t seem to fit. So we went back to what made sense, take the SUV! So after a few decisions and changes we have determined the trips, the mode of transportation and what qualifies as “visiting a state”.

Throw a couple of career changes in just to keep it interesting…

There’s nothing like adding adventure to a journey so when our work changed from employees to self employed in the middle of this whole planning ordeal, it threw a bit of a question mark into the mix. It meant we no longer had some of the time restrictions and permissions needed but it also meant we no longer had vacation time that had been planned on. The year we turned 50 wasn’t going to change so we didn’t have much wiggle room, the dates were looming and we would have to figure it out. If we pushed it back we would lose the 50 in 50 window.

The answer was in front of our faces, the book and Change Your Story speaking tour had taken off and requests were coming in to take it on the road. What if we take it intentionally across the nation and integrate it with the 50 in 50? What if we integrate the Living WOW Lifestyle into our 50 in 50 and show that lifestyle matters and can be done anywhere at anytime?

YES! Living WOW as we tour all 50 in 50 is perfect. We can integrate Change Your Story presentation stops where we have sponsors, support and time. We can integrate Living WOW Meetups in places that we want to connect with people but aren’t able to spend the time for a full presentation. We can bring books, blog and vlog. So exciting!

So fast forward to today as we are putting the final packing lists together. The to do lists for those who are holding down the fort. The long hours of work that go into getting ready to leave and then always show up again after return. The “what if” planning. The “what are the sites we want to see” planning. The schedules. The details. The stress. It’s about now when I say, “Who’s great idea was this anyway?” Nevermind. It’s too much. Let’s bag it.

No! We didn’t come this far to only come this far.

People are counting on us at this point and most importantly we have a mission to accomplish. People need to hear our message of hope, healing and a better way. People need to know they are not alone and that they can thrive with autoimmune disease, not be sentenced to pain and just surviving. People need to SEE Living WOW in action (because let’s be real…we are just a normal boring family not a hilarious VLOG family with a dozen kids).

So in the 11th hour and on the heals of a quick intermountain tour earlier this month with some extra work and family stress thrown in for good measure, I am primed for all things flare. Yes, stress is a huge trigger for autoimmune flares and in my world my Lupus has a party when I’m in exactly this place.

Not this time! I’m bringing in the big guns! Juice Plus+ doubled up since the previous travel. Living WOW tools keeping me intentional and out of autopilot of SAD. Keeping the physical body cared for, my mind (those fear and doubt tapes still like to pop into my head if I let them) focused on learning and skill development, and my energy and spirit front and center for flow and inspiration.

It’s not perfect or easy. It’s still a choice and sometimes I get frustrated that it’s so much work to keep our chaotic toxic SAD life from seeping into the WOW life. Many times I think it would be much easier to just keep it to myself and not worry about spreading the message of surviving to thriving. But I can’t. I know there is a better way and that you don’t have to suffer and settle. I’ve been given this gift and I can’t keep it to myself. I know there are critics and nay sayers, I’ve already said it to myself so it’s not new. I’m not the message, I’m just the messenger so I will carry on with this journey now turned adventure.

I hope you will consider hosting a Change Your Story presentation in your area. If we aren’t able to do a full presentation due to time and resource limitations, I hope you will consider following our Living WOW Stonehouse Style family You Tube Channel and Social Media posts to connect at a Meet Up.

Here are some of the things people are saying about the book 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me: From Surviving to Thriving With Autoimmune Diseases and Change Your Story Presentation.

“I have known CallyRae for a number of years and have watched her story unfold right before my eyes! She’s the real deal and can inspire us to take the steps we need to live a WOW life”- Carrie B

“After hearing the Change Your Story presentation I was inspired to not only take steps to improve my own health but to share with as many people as I can that have autoimmune issues! Thank you CallyRae for sharing yourself with us!”-Gina T

“I’ve given your books to several people and they are really excited. Susan that you met has read it 3 or 4 times and she loves it. It’s so inspiring.” -Dee F

The dates of the trips are listed on the Events page of the risetoshine.life website and will be updated as needed. If you or someone you know is along one of the routes, shoot me a message and we’ll get connected. That’s how we do it folks, one person, one family at a time as we inspire healthy living across the nation. We hope you will be a part of our 50 in 50 adventure!

There are a few things that are unique about this adventure and we are pretty excited about it. I think the first and most obvious is the timeline.
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