We are divine individuals who are designed to thrive. We are equipped innately with all that we need to thrive. So how do we get off course from that? What do we do when we are surviving?

The past couple of months I have found myself in an autoimmune flare that has been exhausting, frightening and frustrating. I haven’t been here in several years.  I found myself overwhelmed and knowing the tools but not using them. It felt like I had been sucked back in a time warp and I was re-living the worst as everything bubbled up and landed on me, just like it used to.

As I wrestled with this hippocracy of transformation where I have transformed from surviving to thriving, and I teach others how to change their stories, and yet I was feeling nothing like thriving and barely like I was surviving. All I could do was sleep and get through minimal obligations, or sometimes not.

Thankfully, during my transformation journey I surrounded myself with mentors and experts immersing myself in learning, tools, and skill acquisition. Like I said, I didn’t feel like using the tools or skills because my give a damn was busted, but I have stayed surrounded by those mentors and experts who supported me, many of them without knowing it, as I have clawed my way back from surviving once again.

It’s still very raw, as I’m literally healing wounds, but I have decided to share because I know many of you are there too. Maybe you are in an autoimmune flare or maybe you struggle with anxiety or depression or ______________________.

I kept thinking of you as I was struggling. I was thinking of how far away from surviving I had gotten as I had transformed to my thriving Living WOW Lifestyle. I thought of how frustrating it is to feel so awful and yet not have the strength to care. I thought of how impossible thriving feels when you are surviving. I thought of how I can better support you when you feel that way…when you have forgotten who you were born to be and maybe don’t even care.

A few things I want to share with you that may help:


If you haven’t already, get a copy of my book 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me: From Surviving to Thriving With Autoimmune Diseases and read it. If you already have a copy, read it again. Why? Because it’s a short easy read that is full of survival tips. I didn’t really look at it that way when I wrote it, but after reliving it I can tell you that the journey doesn’t have to be 5 years. You can, and you need to, get off the dis-ease side roads and get back to your journey of who you were born to be. It’s time for you to change your story. I really believe that.


Reframe your experience. As I mentioned, this experience was all too familiar to me and I was pissed. Mostly because I knew what to do but just couldn’t make myself do it. Then I was scared because I knew what to do but just couldn’t make myself do it. Why wouldn’t I just suck it up and turn this flare on it’s head?

Because I needed to remember. I needed to remember that there is opposition in all things and I had forgotten how bad it was. I needed to be broken so that I could remember how great it feels to be whole. This wasn’t happening to me, it was happening through me, so that I could remember and have the empathy I need when I am frustrated with people who don’t value their health or their life. I needed the reminder that they don’t value their health because they likely haven’t experienced great health. They don’t value their life because they are surviving and it’s hard. I had to feel that again so that I could be a better coach and clinician.


Stay connected and supported. One of the hardest things to do, at least in my personal experience, is stay engaged. When I am surviving, I am in minimal motion which easily falls into a SAD lifestyle because it is automatic and easy. It is so easy to withdraw. I want to crawl into a hole and pull it in behind me. Don’t! Fight that urge with everything and stay connected. This connection, even if minimal, will put you on the course to thriving. Support from those mentors and experts will remind you and help you to tune back into who you were born to be and be true to you.

To help you do this I am making it easier to connect as your coach at your time and in your space. I am extending my services to a new membership site that will be more personal and in depth with specific resources, tools and trainings that I have found to be useful in healing from surviving to thriving.

I have personally found this type of support to be extremely valuable as I forge new habits, try new resources or tools and stay connected with my expert mentors. It allows me to find the information that is most personally relevant and apply it when I need it most, not only when I see or get a post.

I am excited to offer this new resource and will have all sorts of specifics, timeline and launch details in coming weeks. Please be sure to subscribe to risetoshine.life to receive any and all updates as they are released and to be the first members through the gates.

By being a part of our community of Rise to Shine and Living Wow you can join us whether in person or online. If you are in Idaho we would love to have you join us at our Healthy Living Revolution and Change Your Story events. You can find the calendar of events on the website! If you are somewhere else in the US, we are planning to visit all 50 states this year and would love an excuse to meet you as we inspire healthy living across the nation. Contact us to schedule an event in your area! When you are online you can friend and follow the RisetoShine blog, You Tube vlog channelFacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn. Please share this blog and resources with those you know who want to start thriving. I know there are way too many who are just surviving! Shine on!

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