Lesson 4- Health is #1

Alright before you roll your eyes and flip the page, hear me out. I know you know this intuitively but I’m going to bet money that you don’t KNOW THIS. Why am I so cynical and confident about what YOU are thinking? Because I’ve been there and although we are all unique individuals, we are …

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Attitude of Gratitude

I have been off my writing track for a month! Yikes…Did you miss me? Did you notice? Life has been so amazing and hectic that I just kept putting it off. I have been traveling and attending conferences and learning, stretching and growing! What have you been up to? I had several blogs started in …

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Surviving or Thriving?

Can I get personal and ask you a question? Are you surviving or are you thriving? What does thriving mean to you? What does thriving look like? What does thriving feel like? Survive | Definition of Survive by Merriam-Webster Definition of survive. intransitive verb. 1 : to remain alive or in existence : live on. 2 : …

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Shred…Shred What?

How long has it been since you deep cleaned your house? Is your yard beginning to wind down and be put to bed for winter? How is your body feeling? What is your mood like? How are these questions all related? It’s that time of year, season change, and particularly autumn which transitions the earth …

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September Is The New January

Have you ever thought about September and it’s significance? Sure it’s back to school season but it’s more than that. Have you ever noticed the increase in illness in September? Sure it’s back to school season but it’s more than that. For decades I lived in this cycle that started mid September with allergies turning …

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Prevention. What’s Your Excuse?

Although it wasn’t one of the 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me that I wrote about directly; PREVENTION definitely feels like a topic that needs to be addressed because too many of us are lulled into complacency. I didn’t address it in the book because I had missed the proverbial boat and was in full blown …

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