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My Vision

My passion is to empower individuals with kowledge and resources to enhance wellness and vitality through pure & simple everyday lifestyle choices.

Our Story

My Story

CallyRae Stone is best known for her professional accomplishments as a Speech Language Pathologist and her specialized treatment of tongue thrust as the creator and author of the “Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol: A Protocol for the Assessment and Treatment of Tongue Thrust”. She gets satisfaction out of telling her childhood teachers that she found a way to make her “talking too much in class” pay off! Now she not only gets paid for talking but also for teaching others to do the same.

Through her transformation journey with Autoimmune Diseases, CallyRae found another passion through inspiring healthy living. Inspiring hope where there is hopelessness, confidence where there is fear, and joy where there is sadness has led her to transformation coaching with a lifestyle focus.

Whether as a Speech Language Pathologist or a Transformation Coach, CallyRae is innovative and eclectic. She loves to encourage and educate people about their potential and give them the tools to strive for more. She seems to gravitate to the challenges and seek for the solution. Whether it is a patient with a brain injury trying to rebuild their cognition; a student struggling to learn how to teach a complex client a new skill; or an individual who has given up because of their frustration with life: CallyRae will offer a solution and hope.

Shine On!

So what should be done with the joy that is found in transformation and thriving? I believe it should be shared like the brightest rays of sunshine to light the way for others who are surviving. Light always chases away the darkness and shows the way.

For me that darkness was autoimmune disease and the hopelessness and frustration that accompanied it. As I have found the joy in transformation, I am sharing with others to rise from the depths and shine brightly.

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